Blackstone Launchpad Fellowship: Midpoint Check-In

Three UC Berkeley grad-student led teams were selected for this semester’s Blackstone LaunchPad program.

“Having come from the military, what I enjoy most about the LaunchPad Fellowship is their structured and systematic approach to helping me, as a founder, to continue building our startup. This includes the multitude of workshops, and small groups/teams we are placed in that allows us to share our varied experiences and lessons learned with each other. Also, we are approaching the mentor week where we are connected 1on1 with a mentor for the remaining 5 weeks of the program, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to listen and learn from their expertise!”

-Joe Choi (MBA 21), former Navy SEAL & founder of Dad101, an app for new dads
“Participating in the Blackstone LaunchPad program has helped us prioritize our goals and build necessary skills as we take Trellus Lending to market. We are very grateful for the support of the Blackstone LaunchPad team and our friends at the Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program who continue to be our greatest champions.”

-Jon Lam, co-founder (MBA/MREDD 21) Trellus Lending, connecting commercial real estate investors with lenders

“LaunchPad’s programming and network has been an essential part in helping us realize other potential channels for our peer guided wellness support groups! Through Launchpad’s mentorship and programming, we’ve discovered a desire for wellness groups within founders and graduate students who lack proper mental health support during the transition to online schooling and programming. These individuals are also much more sophisticated at giving feedback, and we’ve been able to iterate much more quickly on our product because of that. We’re really excited to continue working with members of Launchpad and other networks as we explore wellness groups for these individuals.”

Jon Wang (UCSF, MD 23), Chris Wang (MBA 22), co-founders, Shimmer, making your mental health journey fun, accessible, and simple

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