#FemaleFounderFriday: Yannell Selman, MBA 21

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 7.21.05 AM For MBA 21, Yannell Selman, this isn’t her first leap into the deep end of the start up pool.  Coming to Haas as an experienced entrepreneur, she felt confident about starting her second venture. She was surprised, however, by the wealth of opportunities offered to student founders, from first time to grizzled veterans.

“I have been blown away by the sheer volume of resources available to Haas students. From start-up programs to funder relationships to strategic advice, Haas has been central to growing Cultiveit.  Starting a business while at Haas is such a game changer; entrepreneurs no longer have to manage the inevitable uncertainty of starting a business on their own.”

Yannell’s current venture is tackling digital balance.  Her team met last October through the StEP program. “We are a young, scrappy and hungry team of four Berkeley graduate students, all with various areas of expertise. Two of us are Haas MBAs, one is specializing in UX and ML at the iSchool, and one is a graduate student in the Computer Science department.”

Getting access to such diverse, top-caliber talent is one reason Cultiveit has been able to hit the ground running. After StEP, the team was accepted into the competitive Lean Launchpad course and YC Start-up School, both of which pushed them to rigorously validate their hypotheses to make sure that the idea was worth pursuing. “Now, we feel like we’re standing on solid ground with Cultiveit,” reports Selman.

The team plans to pilot several product in the Fall, aiming to demonstrate product-market fit by end of the year.

To follow along in their journey, check out the video below and follow them at https://www.instagram.com/cultiveit/.