Hult Prize Finalists Head to the UN

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Berkeley-Haas MBA 19s Alibek Dostyarov, Lauren Fu & Azat Sembayev wrapped up their residency @ the Hult Prize Accelerator in fine style.

Along with 40 other global teams, Boundless spent an intense summer at an actual castle, rising to the 2019 Hult Challenge: Solving Youth Unemployment. The formation of Boundless was a response to this challenge–Alibek & Azat are both McKinsey-ites from Kazakhstan and saw a huge opportunity to connect top tier talent from their country with startups in need of quality work for a low cost. Lauren is from China (adjacent to Kazakhstan) and had the product experience to round out the team.

“Every week culminated in Pitch Friday. All the hard work condensed into 6 minutes. The 5 weeks were an emotional rollercoaster. Our ranking among the 40 teams went up and down every week. From bottom 3 in week 2 to top 3 in the final week. We have seen it all! Things that have not changed are sleepless Thursday nights and constant upward trajectory in pitch quality.”

The team has been invited to attend Finals @ the UN later this month…can’t wait to see them crush the red carpet…😎

So excited to see how the just-announced 2020 Challenge turns out:
Developing a business that will reach millions of consumers in the next decade.  But also reduces gas emissions and has positive impact on the environment.