Driving From Your Doorstep

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Owning a car in a city is painful and costly–parking, insurance and the dreaded citation envelopes on your windshield… 😕

Don’t despair…. Berkeley-Haas MBA 19 (and Trione Student Venture Fund awardee) Ludwig Schoenack is on it! He and his co-founders (with combined experience from Uber/BMW/McKinsey’s automotive practice) created KYTE . KYTE delivers cars, you drive them😎

Tapping into unused rental car fleets, they’re clearly on to something, with 40%+ of first time users booking other cars within 4 weeks. 🚀🚀

Ludwig, plus teammates Niko and Francesco, are recent graduates of the Alchemist Accelerator, describing it as “the strongest B2B accelerator in the Valley.” “Alchemist taught us many things, but most importantly the art of fundraising and brought us some of our most valuable advisors and investors.”

In addition to driving together (Ludwig’s in the middle), they’re also living under one roof and working out of the same garage, “spending more time together than with our spouses.”

Well-capitalized for now, they’re looking for a rock star ops intern and invite you to download the app and get going somewhere cool, fast. 🏎🏎

– https://www.drivekyte.com/
– https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drive-kyte/id1456424048?mt=8