Female Founder Friday: Eat Makhana

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First year MBA student Mallika Chawla used memories from her childhood to solve a very modern problem–finding healthy snacks.  “I was stress-snacking while I was preparing to apply to business school. And I felt so guilty! However, I remembered this makhana snack that I grew up with in India. The change in how I felt and my mood was perceptible. That is how Eat Makhana started, for guilt-free, stress-free snacking.”
The nutrient dense seeds of the water lily plant (called Makhana in Hindi) are colloquially referred to as “Food of the Gods” in India. In 2018 Wholefoods called named it one of the top 10 trends to watch.  Bonus–they contain all essential amino acids and have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia. In its most basic flavor, Eat Makhana uses just three ingredients – seeds of the water lily plant, coconut oil and salt.
“We’ve created a delicious puff with a powerful punch,” says Mallika, who along with cofounder Amruta Gadgil, are in this year’s LAUNCH cohort.  The pair are pictured here at the recent Fancy Foods show and recently received investments from both Dorm Room Fund and Arrow Capital.
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